Going the distance

9037292-Running-Man-Silhouette-amp-Halftone-Trail-No-Gradients--Stock-VectorI know you’ve heard the saying, what works for you might not work for me, there may be some universal truth to that, but one thing for certain is that we all can communicate; be it verbal or non verbal. Well guys it seems we are slipping in that department, according to a study done by men’s journal magazine 90% of the women that were surveyed said they were attracted to a man’s primal panting, now I’m not talking about grunting like a gorilla, but simple sexual communication like, that feels good baby, u like that or u look so sexy to me. Now, that may seem cheesy to most , but it’s effective.

Another mistake we guys are quick to make is not asking your mate what she likes everyone is different, remember what works for one may not work for the other, so it’s our duty to find out. Everyone is designed differently; therefore we have different needs.One of the top things missing in the bedroom according to askmen.com was we don’t talk enough before sex or some call it foreplay. We could learn so much more from each other if we would spend sometime asking questions, what do u like, what’s your fanasty or what makes you feel good,if we had the answer to those questions wouldn’t the experience be that much more enjoyable.

We as men have a tendency to be selfish when it comes to pleasing our mate because Mr machismo seems to be present . Me,me me is the sentiment mostly boasted or I tried to kill that bitch, but in reality u may have gotten yours but what about her. Futhermore, not only is verbal communication essential in going the distance, but non verbal is just as important. 80% of communication is non verbal that’s right body language. Another thing as guys we don’t do is pay attention to her. A person’s body language can tell us a lot only if u pay attention, but the male ego gives a blind eye, therefore we miss the signs. Non verbal communication is looking into her eyes while having sex sounds corny, but very effective, exploring her erroneous zones, yes guys they exist. Hint: run your fingers gently up the spine of her back while slowly kissing her spine. You haven’t said a word, but it shows you are in tune with her. Now listen to the response from your communication she’ll be really happy. Learn to enjoy the experience instead of everything being a competition, which is a male trait.

You ask 99% of the male population how they are in the bedroom and they’ll say I’m nice with mine, but a according to girl chase.com three out of every 10 men last three to 10 minutes max in the sack. Everyone is not handling there business and the females are quite upset. What is the cause of the minute man syndrome. There are several factors,but one of the biggest is not taking your time. I’ve always said it’s a marathon not a sprint which brings me to a story that was told to me by a female fan , Johnny I was with my boyfriend and we were in the mix and all of sudden he started fuckin like a wild man and ended up cumming  in minutes. I’m sitting shake my head saying what just happen, so I asked him why did u do that and his reply was ” I saw it in a porno, my reply ,wow. Many men envision themselves on the screen and try to carry out the acts they see in their personal lives. It’s only natural that one emulates what he sees on screen because he looks at the person as a professional. In the sense of the word he is because he is paid for his services but that doesn’t mean he’s an expert.

Many are just performance being paid to entertain you, not teach you. Instead of trying to be superman, we as men need to take our time and enjoy the female. There is a lot to the female anatomy to be explored so why not take a trip. What’s the rush we have the whole evening so let’s make the best of it. Start off with some sexy conversation and some gentle kisses on the neck. The art of kissing a book written by William Cane surveyed 50,000 women and 96% of them that was a great warm up to get them going. Studies found from Lafayette university,that kissing reduces the stress hormone cortisol speeding up the time to turn you both on. You can explore the neck and lip area to get her juices going and then on to other areas before penatration. Communicating and taken your time are key essentials to longer lovemaking.

Now that we covered those two things , the third one would be a little hard for most men to fathom, it’s being unselfish. You’ve heard the old cliché ” it’s better to give than recieve, well in the world of sex it’s a wonderful thing. Every now and then a great lover will give his all to you and expect nothing in return. Now, doing this on a regular basis is not healthy for the relationship because the two parties should recieve an orgasm, but numbers show its usually one sided. Just imagine you got her off to the point of nirvana, who knows what she would give you in return .I once worked with this guy name Charlie , an older but vibrant gentleman told me once ” she must cum twice before I get mine, at least two.” It didn’t register at the time, but overtime I adopted that philosophy. You talking about being unselfish, but he prided himself in that. Now, would I recommend that philosophy, most women would love that from there man, but learn to please each other first . I’m sure my friend Charlie had to be build up that type of performance overtime, but the bottom line is sharing is caring.


I want to be Bigger

mines-bigger-monkey-banana-t-shirt-mobile-wallpaperI remember working at a law firm as a conference coordinator in Washington D.C. and I would make my daily rounds to the secretaries and would always get strange looks and giggles. I would often wonder was it my clothes or my cologne, but being totally naive to the situation they were looking at my crouch.

I was always a little a shame of my bulge because of incidents like that. Now most men would thirst for that type of attention, but I was a little shy so I would wear long shirts to hide it.  Being in corporate America the long shirt thing didn’t work, so I was exposed.  By the looks of things I didn’t seem to be average, but it really hit the fan when I hit the industry. I was put in every big dick title you could think of (monsters of cock, long dong and anaconda and Lil mamas )  they all wanted to see what I had been covering up.

Having a large penis is like a badge of honor that everyman wants. I’ve been hit with several questions from fans like ; how do i make my girl cum, i want to last longer, but how do I get a bigger penis is the most ask question. Some guys have tried everything from pills to pumps, but seem to get little to no results. Well according to webmd, ” most of the gadgets in the sense of what u are trying to achieve are for sexual dysfunctions.” Ninety percent of the male population would like to have more size added to their penis , but having an average size member is all you really need.

You’ve heard the saying it’s the motion in the ocean, not the size of the boat. Now you might say to yourself, it’s easy for you to say cause your above average, but there comes the gift and the curse. The gift ;it appears amazing on camera ; the curse there’s more blood to hold thus becoming light headed; the curse the average woman could be very intimated by it; the gift the machismo factor.I’ve had episodes  were the woman said i was too big and others who were size queens looking for a challenge, so there are a few upsides and downsides  to having a big penis. Now in my profession, having a large penis in many cases can work to your advantage because of how it looks on camera and can be easier to shoot. But, in the real world it could be intimidating.

In a poll taken by Askmen.com , 82% of women said they prefer quality over quantity. So there you have it guys work on your stroke game instead of trying to make it bigger. Also there was a studied conducted among 800 men of all shapes, sizes and races and the conclusion was 5.5 inches being the average size penis, according to askmen.com. So guys out there not hung like a horse don’t be alarmed it’s a numbers game. So be aware of those penis enlargement scams cause a lot of them have bad side effects and could end up doing more damage than help.

The key is not to have the largest penis, but the strongest. Keigels exercises are a good exercise for the male anatomy. Keigels are good for strengthen the prostate which has a lot to do with pre -ejacualtion. Some studies have shown that keigels also helps with firmer erections. Instead of focusing on size, many men neglect the real issue which is pre ejaculation which more than half of the male population suffers from. What is the use of having a large penis when you can’t go the distance . Three to 10 minutes is the average time a man last in the sack . Women are being neglected not because of size, but because of stamina.

So guys, let’s work on whats important ; stamina  instead being so large you wont get a proper erection .Blood flow is the key not being hung like a horse. Size many times is an illusion. Many times the larger the penis the harder it is to hold a strong erection. I’ve heard many of times where a girl has said,  ” Damn he got all that dick and can’t fuck. That’s like having a sports car and can’t drive it. What’s the point.” So bigger doesn’t always mean better, there are cons to having a big member. Nowadays I’m not ashamed of my member like I use to be cause I found the value in it and learned  how to use it properly. There’s been times where I’ve been told if I had all that dick I’d be killing girls. I could easily hurt a girl especially if she’s all afraid and tense. I find it more challenging to make a woman orgasm because a lot of women are not experiencing that.

So with a big penis there comes responsibility, you want to please her, not hurt her. So if you happen to have a big member, use it to bring her pleasure not pain and for those who society say is less fortunate; learn to work with what you have and make your erections stronger, she’ll love you in the morning.