Five Foods that build your sperm count






According to an article written at Healing with Nutrition, 6% of the male population suffers from infertility and some 90% of those cases are due to low sperm count. So guys, infertility is not just a female issue,but here are five foods to help boost your sperm count.

!. Oysters

Yes, the sea mollusks is packed with potent amino acids that help produce testosterone and is a true aphrodisiac.. Oysters contain a great amount of zinc which aids in the production of testosterone and the slimy mollusks throughout our time has been used as an aphrodisiac . Oysters enhance blood circulation , improves stamina and arousal to the sexual organs and also builds semen.

2. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate the sweet candy we love as kids as well as adults contains ingredients that helps the male reproductive system. Dark chocolate contains L arginine HCL an amino acid that enhances blood flow to the genital area. Looking for a boost in the arousal department, well dark chocolate is the perfect aphrodisiac.. no wonder it’s the perfect candy for valentines day.

3. Walnuts.

You want something quick and healthy.,add walnuts to your diet.. Not only is it good for cholesterol because it has omega three fatty acids, but studies show that it can increase your sperm count and increase the blood flow to the genital area. Most nuts contain health properties , but walnuts top all nuts when it comes to building your sperm count.

4. Tuna Fish

Tuna fish, mostly canned tuna because it contains less mercury than fresh tuna, is packed with selenium and contains omega three fatty acids. These two ingredients are essential for male fertility boosting your sperm count.


Boil eggs are quick and easy and will boost your sperm count. They are packed with B12 vitamins and selenium two ingredients that will help with male fertility.

There are several foods out there that contain health properties that aids in male fertility. I chose these personally because these things are part of my diet and i have seen results. I suggest you add these foods to your diet because they work wonders. If you want to sweet up the taste as well add fruit to your diet, preferably pineapples. Happy and Healthy


Hip Tips: Lemon on the face

wpid-download.jpgWe all know lemons for its bitter taste, but did you know the little fruit contains a lot sweet properties for the skin. The public is trained by commercials to go and buy the high end products we see at our beauty counters,but what they don’t tell you is all the synthetic properties it contains.

I for one was caught up in the hype looking for something to resolve my skin issues, trying different products from noxema to neutrogena with no good results. I discovered the wonders of the little yellow fruit through a friend of mine. I found it was good for: blackheads, acne , oily skin and number of facial ailments.

Here’s a hip tip to do twice a week. After you wash your face ( your wash of choice) I prefer keihls , washing your face in a circular motion,rinse then pat dry leaving a little moisture in the skin. Take half a lemon and rub it all over your face, you will feel a tingling burning sensation because the lemon is an astringent ; pulling the oil and dirt from the pores. Let it set on your face for 5 to 10 minutes letting the lemon penetrate the skin. Once the skin starts to tighten and the lemon drys rinse your face with warm water. You will find your skin to be smooth and clear. Pat dry and apply moisturizer.

I recommend this twice a week depending on the severity of your condition because the lemon treatment can be harsh on your face if done too much. The best astringent on earth is right in your kitchen refrigerator.

5 Misconceptions of being a pornstar

Being in the adult industry, I get hit with a lot of questions, but the one mostFuckMeBlack-warning500px asked is how can I be a pornstar. First of all, you don’t become a pornstar that title is earned overtime and is given to you by the public. Most people don’t take the time and do there research on the industry, they just see people fuckin and say hey I can do that and get paid, what a life. One of the Misconceptions of being adult entertainer is you make tons of money.

Many outsiders believe adult actors are swimming in money, but that is a Misconception because most performers live from scene to scene (check to check) living above their means because the money comes fast. You’ve heard the saying, easy come easy go with no plans for the future. Being a performer is being an independent contractor you are always competing for the next gig cause your only as good as your last scene. I’ve said, being a porn star is like being a low grade actor in Hollywood except adult performers receive no residuals for the movies they perform in. Once you are paid as a performer that is it, you just receive your scene rate. The only way you can really profit in the game is ownership, but the game has change to point that everyone is going independent cluttering the market because larger studies have cut back.

Have you ever been watching a basketball game and you watch your favorite player make the game look so easy, well that comes from practice, discipline and just a natural love for the game. These guys seem god like and a lot viewers look at adult stars like that. I had person tell me once, you make it look so easy and fluid. Well that could be due to a couple of things, good chemistry with the chick or just good editing. Look, we are all human and are subject to good and bad days, but due the power of editing we look marathon runners in a scene. The viewer doesn’t see the things his so call superman encounters during the scene; ie breaks, mishaps and so on. The job of the editor is to cut the junk and work with all the good parts thus creating your superman. I had a buddy of mine who was begging to come to set and I told him you don’t want to see hot dogs being made because it would spoil your love of hot dogs. I told him don’t spoil the fantasy. No one wants to see the human side of their superman.

The third Misconception of being a porn star, is you have to have a big dick or all porn stars are big. Well, like I discuss in the previous article that the average penis size is between 5.5 and 6 inches because the average depth of woman’s vagina is 3 to 7 inches deep on average. It seems on average the numbers line up making it a good fit. We all know that people come in all different shapes and sizes. The big penis is speciality market in the porno sphere . A lot of times when the guys are extremely large it’s a rarity and porn like any other business found away to capitalize . Many of these guys are looked at as circus acts. Depending on what market you fit in having a big penis could be a plus but it’s not a requirement. I think most guys think you have to be endowed because those are the type of movies they are viewing. Not only do fans fall into the big dick thing, some producers are guilty as well. I think they find a big penis easier to shoot and the illusion of dominance over the woman. Every man wants to be dominant in the relationship and having a large penis is the badge of honor. So guys just having a big penis doesn’t make you a sure shot for the business it has to get hard and stay there.

“Man I fucked my girl for 45 minutes to an hour last night, straight I need to be a porn star, which leads to the fourth Misconception it’s easy I can do it. What looks simple on TV many times is difficult in execution. It appears a simple and easy act because that’s what the final product is suppose to do, feed your fantasy and to live vicariously through us. While you were with your girl was anyone giving you direction of course not because you were fuckin the shit out of her , well what if you were doing it all wrong. No man wants to be told how to have sex because his ego won’t allow it. Many don’t realize in private the sex is for you, in porn it’s for the viewer. When you are on camera you are performing for someone not for self that’s why you see all of those strange positions, that for the viewer. So the next time you think you are putting in work , you are going off bed room standards not camera standards. I tell guys all the time, once the camera is on your world will be shared with many and the camera doesn’t lie. Something about that mechanical eye that makes people second guess themselves.

One of the most common phrases I hear from performers when their phone stops ringing, I retired. Now let’s examine that a little closer, when one retires he gets benefits ie, pension, 401k a gold watch ,you know what regular employees recieve after there service for that company. Well in porn none of that is received when it’s all over,it’s over depending on what you built for yourself. Being an adult actor is like being an athlete in many ways, stamina,conditioning and staying in shape because the act of sex everyday can become rigorous on the body. The biggest difference between the two is finance, the athlete is compensated very well and when the game is over he can live a pretty decent life , whereas the adult performer is making much less and becomes dependent on the fast money and burns out, ie drugs,stds and sometimes suicide. When one works in an industry like porn, it would be wise to take that fast money and make it work for you, but unfortunately majority of the performers fall victim to world of porno.