Five Foods that build your sperm count






According to an article written at Healing with Nutrition, 6% of the male population suffers from infertility and some 90% of those cases are due to low sperm count. So guys, infertility is not just a female issue,but here are five foods to help boost your sperm count.

!. Oysters

Yes, the sea mollusks is packed with potent amino acids that help produce testosterone and is a true aphrodisiac.. Oysters contain a great amount of zinc which aids in the production of testosterone and the slimy mollusks throughout our time has been used as an aphrodisiac . Oysters enhance blood circulation , improves stamina and arousal to the sexual organs and also builds semen.

2. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate the sweet candy we love as kids as well as adults contains ingredients that helps the male reproductive system. Dark chocolate contains L arginine HCL an amino acid that enhances blood flow to the genital area. Looking for a boost in the arousal department, well dark chocolate is the perfect aphrodisiac.. no wonder it’s the perfect candy for valentines day.

3. Walnuts.

You want something quick and healthy.,add walnuts to your diet.. Not only is it good for cholesterol because it has omega three fatty acids, but studies show that it can increase your sperm count and increase the blood flow to the genital area. Most nuts contain health properties , but walnuts top all nuts when it comes to building your sperm count.

4. Tuna Fish

Tuna fish, mostly canned tuna because it contains less mercury than fresh tuna, is packed with selenium and contains omega three fatty acids. These two ingredients are essential for male fertility boosting your sperm count.


Boil eggs are quick and easy and will boost your sperm count. They are packed with B12 vitamins and selenium two ingredients that will help with male fertility.

There are several foods out there that contain health properties that aids in male fertility. I chose these personally because these things are part of my diet and i have seen results. I suggest you add these foods to your diet because they work wonders. If you want to sweet up the taste as well add fruit to your diet, preferably pineapples. Happy and Healthy

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