How Important is Prostate Health?


One of the biggest ailments for men as they age is prostate dysfunction from BPH to prostate cancer. Prostate derives from the Greek word prostates, literally meaning one who guards or protector. A healthy prostate is a little larger than a walnut in size weighing about 11 grams and is located just below the bladder surrounding the urethra.

The little walnut organ is vital to the male reproductive system. One of its functions is to secrete a slightly alkaline substance usually white and creamy which makes of up 50 to 75 % of male semen. The alkaline substance in the semen neutralizes the acidity in the female’s vaginal tract prolonging the life span of the sperm. Yes,the prostate creates the juice of life so we should find every way to keep it healthy. Prostatic secretion is mostly made up of simple sugars and contains about 1% protein , but contains zinc a concentration of 500 to 1000 times more than the cocentration in your blood.” (Source:Wikipedia) Prostatic secretion helps nourish and carry the sperm which is very essential in reproduction. Secondly, the prostate controls the urinary flow due to its location,the urethra tube which is connected to the bladder where waste is stored passes through the middle of the prostate gland. The bottom part of the prostate is responsible for controlling urine flow. That’s why sudden changes in size can effect the flow of urine. Example: if enlarged it can press up against the urethra causing difficulty to urinate.

The prostate is made up of 30% musclar tissue and 70% glandular tissue and is broken up into 4 lobes. The anterior lobe makes up about 5% of the organ and where most of the muscular and glandular tissue reside. Secondly, the anterior lobe making up 70 % of the organ. This area is responsible for controlling urinary flow where more than 80% of cancer orginates. Thirdly, the middle lobe makes up about 25% of the organ this is where the ejaculatory ducts reside secreting nourishment into the semen. It’s very rare that cancer is found in this area around 2.5% but the cancer is very aggressive in this area attacking the seminal vessels. Lastly, we have the lateral lobe which makes up 5 % of the organ, but 10 to 20% of cancer orginates in this area. This area is surrounded by the urethra and grows throughout life. This area can be the cause of the disease benign prostate enlargement. (Source:

Being an adult performer there are many health risk we can encounter, but the one that is common to all men is BPH (Benign Prostatic hyperplasia) which is a urological condition causing the prostate to enlarge as men get older but is not cancerous. As the prostate enlarges it presses down on the urethra making it hard to urinate. The systems of BPH effect the lower urinary tract, here are a few:
. Difficulty in beginning to urinate
. Dribbling after urination ends
. Pushing or straining to urinate.

These are just a few of the symptoms that occur with BPH. So what’s a good way to keep your prostate healthy, we look to mother nature for her herbs. There are a couple good ones, pumpkin seeds,wheat germ, but saw palmetto tops the list for beneficial impact. Saw palmetto inhibits the ability to convert testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is what stimulates prostate growth. It is often describe by European doctors whose patients suffer from urinary problems.

Many studies have found that diet can play a role in acquiring BPH. The intervention study shows that men with a low cholesterol diet have a very low risk of prostate disease. That’s why vegetables, nuts and seeds are essential to our diet because it has a direct impact on the prostate. These foods help inhibit the forming of DHT.

So what are the chances of you getting BPH , one out six will get it. So you can avoid being the one, by maintaining a healthy diet: not a lot meat, no smoking, drinking in moderation because these things in excess can set you up for prostate problems as you get older. Secondly, put mother nature in your life from the herbs she’s given us, they work wonders. Don’t be the guy making frequent bathroom visits in the middle of the night. Protect your

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